Friday, December 18, 2015

Popmix Designs Etsy Shop

I would've loved to have re-opened my Etsy Shop with a big bang, but instead, it's more like a trickle of product listings here and there. In any case, it's now open and I have some pretty and cute stickers available to buy! I've also listed the Weekly Undated Planner inserts I've been using in my Carpe Diem planners.

So that's the latest news here... You can now buy stuff at! :D

Update: Sticker shop is now

Popmix Planner Stickers

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Art on Stickers

The problem with being able to do a lot of creative things and wanting to do them all - graphic design, painting, drawing, etc., is that I end up not completing anything! I start on this project and it's great but then another idea comes up using a different medium and I start working on that... and so on and so forth! This has been a major issue for me this year. Not being able to focus on one project. One of my sisters think I need a manager, but I'm just on my own right now! I have to do everything, including reminding myself to stay focused and stay on one path. It's not so easy when my head is bursting with creative ideas and I want them all to happen!

So, after messing around with different things for most of 2015, like making and selling some planner inserts, selling washi samples and selling bits of stationery here and there, I've decided to focus on one thing - and that's turning my art & illustrations into stickers! Everything else will be on hold until I've got a good system happening with my sticker production - this includes my Planner Things shop. I have plans for this but right now, I've got to stick to just one thing. Because I'm really not good with managing everything at once! Best to keep it simple as possible.

Creating Stickers with Silhouette Portrait

I'm currently in the process of turning some of my existing art into stickers and designing new ones - I wanted to re-open my Etsy store on the 1st of this month of December, but I need more time to polish them all up. So the 12th of December is when I'll re-open, selling stickers!

There are now gazillions of people producing planner stickers on Etsy, but I'm sure there's room for another! Especially, since the planner community appears to be growing at a rapid rate. I've come up with something that will make my sticker sheets different from most and hopefully, it will be recognizable as something created by me. So far, I haven't seen anyone else with what I'm talking about. Maybe it's already out there but I just haven't come across it.

Anyway, for the first week or so of the shop opening, I will include a free sticker sheet for each person who orders. It's a compilation of some of my cute and pretty watercolour paintings (the one you see on the picture above). This is a regular sheet, not a sampler. The standard for my sticker sheets will be 17cm x 12.5cm. Also, FREE SHIPPING for orders $25 or above! I'm hoping to get at least 20 new designs completed when the shop re-opens!

I'm very excited about this because some of my sticker ideas made me laugh! It's mostly fun and stuff that I would use on my planners and things. So here's to a great end of 2015 and a fruitful start to my 2016!!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Crazy Kikki K Pen Collection

So this is my Kikki K pen collection (for now). I seem to be missing a couple of pens, which I probably gave away or sold by accident! Those pens will be missed... :(

My Collection of Kikki K Pens

But there's really no reason to cry about it, because look! How pen obsessed am I to have accumulated so many of these Kikki K pens?! There's no doubt there are others with a whole lot more - especially Kristina, the owner of Kikki K! I'm sure she's got the whole pen collection since they opened in 2001!

I'm still searching for older designs from 2012 - particularly the Hello Sunshine range. I already contacted Kikki K if they could help me out but they just don't keep their old stock. And I don't think they have any plans on bringing back any old collection to resell today.

A couple of my fellow planner girs from Planner Addicts Australia Facebook group recently sent me some discontinued Kikki K pens to add to my collection. How awesome are those girls!? If you have any Kikki K pens you don't see here that you would like to sell or swap or give, please contact me and let me know! I regularly check Instagram, so send me a message there if you're there, otherwise, contact me here using the contact form!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Washi Tapes Addict

It was around this time last year when I discovered the Planner Community on Instagram, and one of the first things I saw that ended up in my To Buy List is this coffee washi tape set! I finally got hold of it, one year later! I didn't think I'd be able to get my hands on it, since it's been so long.

Pink Coffee Washi Tape Set

This washi set includes the pink washi with cupcakes, coffee beans on cream, coffee take a break and the brown washi with coffee cups. I ordered two sets, just in case! >◡<

Recently, I was given some complimentary washi tapes by Washi Lane Australia. How kind and generous! This is from the Chichi Collection - gold dots of diamonds on various colours. I've ordered from this shop several times before and their selection of washi tapes are always gorgeous!

Washi Lane Chichi

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Creative Desk Organization

When it comes to my creative space, as much as possible, I like to have everything on sight, on my desk! This includes my washi tapes, sticky notes, pens, stickers and other little tidbits that get regularly use when I "plan", craft or brain storm. The stacks and piles of these things make for good decorative pieces.

Creative Desk Organization

Containers I store my supplies and stationery in are usually from cheapie bargain stores like the Reject Shop or Daiso. I also love using jam jars to hold my pens, biscuit tins with nice prints for bits and pieces, and patterned gift boxes for sticky notes and memo pads. They're all great to look at while being functional at the same time!

Desk Storage Ideas

Below is the container I buy for $2 at the Reject Shop to hold my washi collection. I buy them as my collection grows. Usually, every couple of months I pick a couple at a time to use. I like how they're just flat on all sides. They stack well and surprisingly, they don't show signs of collapsing!

Washi Storage Container

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Planner Girl Cover

Discovered the gorgeous covers and dashboards by Elite Planners Club via Instagram and just had to buy the purple haired planner girl! It goes very well with the Happy Planner I'm currently using. So in love with this cover!!

Elite Planners Club Cover

Monday, September 28, 2015

Fruity Stationery from Kikki K and Typo

I've been an avid stationery collector of Kikki K and Typo products for quite some time now and some of their latest collection to date have been the cutest and best I've seen yet! I'm talking about their adorable fruit and sweets collection!

Kikki K Typo Stationary

The watermelon & pineapple chunky pens were purchased from Typo Shop a few months ago - some stores may still have them but generally, they come up with new designs every few months. That's the same for Kikki K - their latest range are their fruit and ice cream designs, which are still available in their Kikki K store.

Highly recommended are the current Kikki K "vision board" kit, which comes with these inspiring quotes and their very cute four pack washi tapes. Their pen selection right now is also a must have, especially for pen addicts (like me)!

They will most likely have their fruity range until the end of 2015, but once they move on to other designs, this collection will only be available until sold out!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Brisbane Planner Meet Up

Went to another Planner Addicts Australia meet up in Brisbane City last night - Friday night. It was another success! Did the usual thing of shopping for stationery first, then dinner at Jo-Jo's. It was great to meet up with the other planner addicts again - always good to see the faces behind the names I see in the Facebook Group we all hang out at, which is Planner Addicts Australia!

This is a shot of our planner stack for the night - a couple of ladies brought their horizontal Erin Condren planners with them, so I got to check it out. Very nice! Better than what I expected. So many other planners here that were just gorgeous! Like the Kikki K fuchsia and the fluoro pink Filofax. Love!!

Brisbane Planner Meet Up

It felt like it was everyone's birthday because the bag of goodies we all got were bursting with stuff! The Raffle Prizes were awesome, too. I didn't win anything, but felt like I did because of the amount of things I got.

Brisbane Planner Meet Up Goodies

So many cute things, including some items from My Paper Shoppe - the owner was there last night and it was good to finally meet her! Donations of stickers from Sweetique Stickers, Lime and Mortar and Girl with Curls Designs (shop may be coming soon). Also got a pen from Pen Gems! Some Kikki K pens to add to my collection and my donation to the gift bag was the tassel paper clip and some stickers. Overall, great night out! Good company, food was fine and lots of new lovely things!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Pen Collection

I'm a sucker for pretty pens and have become a bit of a "pen addict" during the past year! I've received quite a bit of Target USA pens, but majority in my collection are Kikki K. My collecting began towards the end of last year when I started going to the Kikki K store close to where I live quite regularly. It's walking distance, so I often dropped by!

Like most designs, the Kikki K range changes from season to season, so only the latest ones are available to purchase in their store. To get hold of the previous designs, you'll have to look from other sources, like eBay or Facebook Planner Groups. I managed to find rare pens from years ago, which included their Under the Sea mermaid pen... gold!!

Others I'm keen on are the Target USA dollar spot pens, as well as the mechanical pencils. I've bought a few from Etsy and some were given to me by my cousin in the states, but most have been through stationery swaps.

Pen Collection

So far, here are my pen collections in various photos.

Update: I have received more Target USA pens and pencils from a recent swap and have also purchased more pens from Kikki K and other stores. More photos added! :)
Kikki K Gel Pens Kikki K Pens Kikki K Pens Target USA Pencils Cute Kikki K Pens Pen Collection Purple Frixion Patterned Pens Orange Pens Inkjoy Pens Kikki K Pens Kikki K Pens Kikki K Pens Kikki K Pens Floral Pens

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Planner Photos in Buzzfeed

Planners in BuzzfeedThe Planner Community is creating a bit of a buzz! Several pretty planner photos from Instagram, including a couple of my mine, were featured in a Buzzfeed article called 18 Planners That Would Make You Want To Get Your Shit Together. As that stupid saying goes... awesome sauce!

Some people wonder how others can spend so much time decorating planners... All I can say to that is - if you have time to watch TV shows, Netflix, YouTube or play video games, then you have time to pretty up a planner!

Here's my reasons why I like to scrap plan:

1. It helps motivate me to use my planner regularly.

2. It's another creative outlet for me. This is like designing magazine layouts, except I can go nuts with it and put whatever I like to decorate it and do it whenever I want.

3. It's quite therapeutic and relaxing. Basically, it's another form of "me" time.

4. My planner is also a "memory keeper". This is something I keep so I can look through it fondly years from now. Therefore, I prefer this to look more attractive and interesting other than just walls of text.

5. I love it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Stationery Storage in Raskog Cart

I finally went to IKEA and bought a Raskog cart! I've been seeing quite a few photos of the many uses of this nifty trolley via Instagram and wanted one for my ever growing stationery stash. Assembling the Raskog took less than 15 minutes and it wasn't long after it was up and ready that I managed to fill it with a whole lot of stuff! I'm thinking that it won't be long before I need another one of these.

Ikea Raskog Cart for Planner Supplies

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Printable Quotes

New printable quotes now available to download at!

Update: My shop is now

It's been my goal to have a downloadable graphic stock shop and I've started the process! I just now have to be consistent and keep it going. Beginning with printable quotes, which is good for Wall Art, Planner or Notebook covers, Planner Dashboards, postcards or journal cards. Currently, it's available in a new Etsy shop I opened -

Popmix Printable Quotes

I love my quotes and sometimes feature something with a quote on my Instagram Gallery. These is the latest photo I have, showing off some of what's available in my shop to download. I printed a few on thicker paper (200gsm) as postcards and journal cards to insert between pages in my planner.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Stationery Planner Supplies Swap

July 2015 was a bit crazy regarding stationery swapping - I had several people requesting to swap with me via Instagram and Facebook. I couldn't help myself and agreed, of course! I went on a mad shopping spree every week, last month (omg I'm broke) and spent heaps on postage! I will need a bit of a break after these mad swaps, especially since I've also got packages to send to a couple of my regular swap buddies - from the Erin Condren Planner Buddies group in Facebook.

Here are the things I've received so far - yes, it includes that awesome pink & gold stripes jewelry bag from Joann's Fabrics in the USA!! Omg awesome. Also, those super cute donuts stickers which I wanted to have ages ago after I spotted it on an Instagram post. Drool!

Planner Stationary Swap

Planner Stationary Swap

Stationary I've Sent Out!

Here are some of the things I've given out to those who have swapped with me recently. I'm fortunate enough to live close to several Kikki K stores, Typo, Smiggle, Daiso, Danda and other bargain shops like Bargain City and Reject Shop, so most of what I've bought for my stationery swap partners have been items from these places.

Stationary Swap

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Planner Things Sticky Notes

Planner Things Shop Update!

I added various cute sticky notes for sale in the shop - There's a travel tags set with colored pencils, suitcase, camera, airmail envelope, glasses, paris notes and more. There's also arrows and pointy finger sticky notes in various colors, Kikki K mountains sticky notes set, speech bubble & flags tags and stickies, die cut tags of glasses and moustache. Available until stock is sold out (limited supply).

Update: Planner Things is closed. My shop now is

Planner Things Sticky Notes

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Reset Girl Shop Stickers

There are so many sticker sellers out there now that specialize in "planner" stickers, but a lot of them are starting to look very similar to one another. This is where the Reset Girl stickers differ from the majority! She does sell other types that a lot of homemade sticker makers also produce, but these Plan It Like It's Hot stickers are quite unique!

The Reset Girl Stickers

I ordered a few to try it out and it's very good quality! Hopefully it will last me a few months, because ordering from The Reset Girl Shop is like pot luck! You have to get in the right moment to order - she seems to open briefly and closes not long after, to process the thousands of orders she gets when she is open for business! The wait for orders may also take some time - I was one of the fortunate ones that received mine after only a couple of weeks!

The Reset Girl Planner Dashboard

This awesome quote card is absolutely perfect for planner girls! It came as a freebie with my order. Love this!!

The Reset Girl Shop can be accessed via the website

Update: These stickers are no longer available.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kikki K Collector Pens and Planner Stickers

New stock in my little planner stationery shop! Some Kikki K collector pens and more planner stickers (mini sticker books)! Just making these available for people outside Australia or even within, who don't have access to these cute things in their shops. Very limited supply! These are items that are no longer in season. Only few Kikki K stores have these available. First come, first served. My shop:!

Update: Planner Things is now closed. My sticker shop is

Planner Things Stationary

Monday, July 13, 2015

Papered Kiss Planner Stickers

There now seems to be hundreds of people selling planner stickers on Etsy - a lot of them are looking the same, so I think they get their graphics from the same graphic stock place! A new shop called Paradise Paperie opened up recently and I couldn't help but buy some of their stickers - available in glossy or matt. The designs of the stickers I ordered from them are different from the other icon stickers I've seen being sold - these are fun looking and totally my style! Paradise Paperie shop is

Papered Kiss Planner Stickers

Update: The two ladies who created Paradise Paperie have gone their separate ways and each formed their own sticker shop - (not active anymore) and

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Instagram Stationery Giveaway

Last week I ran a Cute Stationery Giveaway on Instagram for my followers - I meant to do this weeks ago when I hit 5,000 followers, but I'm a bit of a procrastinator, what can I say. >◡< Anyway, I've announced the winner and @justcallmepersephone won my Giveaway. She's been following me for awhile now! Ever since I opened my account late last year.

Stationary Planner Instagram Giveaway

The prize consists of a lot of Kikki K pens, which I get from David Jones, Brisbane. They have a Kikki K section there and for some reason, they stock a lot of Kikki K pens that's not being sold in the Kikki K online store anymore. Also, I included a set of scented cupcake erasers from Smiggle & even though it wasn't mentioned, macaroons erasers that I've got in my stash box. Plus, leopard print washi tapes in various colours, cute stickers, sticky page flags from Daiso, Target Australia chunky pens & pencil case and a lot of other cute things! I went a bit overboard with the cuteness in this Giveaway! O_o

Stationary Planner Instagram Giveaway

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Art Slide Show

I updated my art slideshow video - the original was created a couple of years ago now. It's just pictures of my paintings when I did abstract and interior design art for other people. I don't consider these master pieces - they're mostly a bit of fun wall decor to add color to blank walls or spaces. And this is just a more interesting way to display them!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Using the Happy Planner

How much more of a planner nerd can I get, when I'm this excited about using a new planner!

The Happy Planner

There's a new planner in town and it's the Happy Planner from Me & My Big Ideas. A scrapbooking company that's been around for awhile. This planner is discbound, so the pages can be moved around or taken out and replaced. You can also add whatever other pages or snippets of paper to this. Very versatile and highly recommended to all planner addicts!

My style of planning at the moment is very scrapbookish. I have so many decorations, stickers and washi tapes that I've purchased and been given that I can't help but try and put as much as I can on the pages! I'm liking the hot pink and black theme that I put together for this week. A bit cluttered but I'm still happy with the result!