Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sticker Organizer Planner Pockets

DIY Sticker Storage Pockets

Some time ago, I created planner pockets made from cardstock to keep my stickers in. I'm still loving this storage idea and originally, it was in a Filofax Personal Planner. But I ended up upgrading to a larger size to an A5 planner. I love it even more now! I prefer these pockets to plastic ones (where you have to squeeze your way in to get the stickers out). It's simple to make - I don't use glue or anything complicated. Washi tapes are what's holding the folded card stock in place. :D

You can either make them or some are ready made available to buy in scrapbook stores or shops which sell planner supplies.

DIY Sticker Storage Pockets

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