Sunday, March 29, 2015

Storage for Washi Tapes

Washi Tapes Collection

After ordering so much washi tapes from my fav online washi tapes store, little purchases from several Etsy shops, bargain stores and a group order with Planner Addicts Australia from, my collection has grown so much I need several containers to hold them all!

Once upon a time, I was able to store my washi tapes in a make up bag. Over a few months, though, I've accumulated so much of these decorated sticky paper tapes that little cases such as this just doesn't cut it anymore!
Washi Tapes Storage

I've seen other people store their washi tapes in drawers or boxes which are hidden away in some cupboard - if I do that, I would end up forgetting they're there! I prefer to have my washi tapes visible and accessible to me at all times.

Reject Shop Containers

These narrow, stackable containers sit nicely on my desk against the wall - my desk isn't very broad in width so it's great that they don't take up too much space. This kind of storage works out well for me - I can easily reach for washi tapes whenever I want, for whatever purpose. Whether to use on my planners, stick postcards on my wall or decorate mail I send out.

The containers were purchased from the Reject Shop. Sometimes they have them, sometimes not. These things seem to sell very quickly - they're $2 each and usually on the shelf for only a couple of days before they're sold out!

Update: 2018 - These are regular items and they are still sold in most Reject Shops today, now for $2.50.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Kikki K Why Not Planner

I've purchased a few Kikki K planners now - pink, gold, berry and most recently, the Why Not planner in A5. This is the first time I can honestly say that I truly love one of their planners!

Kikki K Why Not Planner Pockets

The pink A5 planner was okay. I wanted to "love" it but the one I purchased had a defect, which bothered me, so I ended up selling it. The berry planner I currently own is second hand and again, there's things about it that bothers me, therefore, I will most likely sell it. The gold planner I just started using is medium size and even though I've only had it for a couple of months, the gold seems to be peeling off a little bit already!

This Why Not planner I bought the other day is well padded, feels good and the design really appeals to me - it looks so fun and yes, a bit girly but, I love it! I may just buy the smaller size, too, because the gold one is turning out to be a disappointment. I hope they come up with more fun & well-padded planners in future!

Kikki K Why Not Planner

Thursday, March 12, 2015

I Love Daiso!

Daiso included one of my Instagram pics in one of their email promos today. They also reposted one of my pics in their instagram gallery @daisoaustraliaofficial! Woohoo!

Planner Pockets

Cute stationary in my Mint Dokibook planner pockets. From various bargain stores, including Daiso!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Winner of My First Instagram Giveaway

Planner Stationary Instagram Giveaway

When I posted this Giveaway on my Instagram, I thought I would be counting roughly around 100 to 150 entries, but it was way more than that - over 300, almost 400 people joined it! I was overwhelmed with the response to my first ever Giveaway and very excited that people were positive about it. I got a lot of nice compliments and a lot of new followers in my instagram, too! It's all been awesome and as I mentioned in my first insta post about this, 5th of March was the closing. I finally announced the winner and it's a fellow stationery planner addict with a gorgeous instagram photo gallery called @scribbler.of.dreams.

Planner Stationary Instagram Giveaway

The Prize: Kikki K pens and washi tapes, Kikki K Live Bright stationery, Eiffel Tower scissors, cute cake erasers and other stationery.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Silhouette Portrait Registrations Marks

Silhouette Portrait Machine

So, I finally managed to play around with my Silhouette Portrait machine that I purchased over a month ago... BUT, for the past couple of days it was driving me bonkers because it wouldn't play nice! It wasn't detecting the Registration Marks, therefore, nothing was happening! The machine just makes some kind of noise like it was trying to do something and then it just sits there not doing anything! I tried adjusting it manually to register - no go. I tried cutting without the marks - no go. Things just didn't align properly - the cutting was so off the mark! Trying to calibrate or adjust the distance of the cut to the print didn't work, either! Grrr.... I was ready to chuck out the machine or sell it or return it... anything, really! I was beginning to hate this Silhouette Portrait that I was so excited to get!

After reading so many blogs and watching Youtube videos and trying out the suggested solutions (more light, calibrate it, etc), I came across a solution in one of the Facebook Silhouette groups that worked for me.

The Solution: Uninstall the latest software that came with the machine and install an older version (legacy v2.9.45). That was all I needed to do to get my machine working properly! O.M.G.

As a note:- the photo I used here is not my own.

Update: I have upgraded my computer and have been using the latest versions of the software for the Silhouette machine. It works well now.