Monday, March 9, 2015

Winner of My First Instagram Giveaway

Planner Stationary Instagram Giveaway

When I posted this Giveaway on my Instagram, I thought I would be counting roughly around 100 to 150 entries, but it was way more than that - over 300, almost 400 people joined it! I was overwhelmed with the response to my first ever Giveaway and very excited that people were positive about it. I got a lot of nice compliments and a lot of new followers in my instagram, too! It's all been awesome and as I mentioned in my first insta post about this, 5th of March was the closing. I finally announced the winner and it's a fellow stationery planner addict with a gorgeous instagram photo gallery called @scribbler.of.dreams.

Planner Stationary Instagram Giveaway

The Prize: Kikki K pens and washi tapes, Kikki K Live Bright stationery, Eiffel Tower scissors, cute cake erasers and other stationery.

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