Monday, May 25, 2015

Planner Things Stationery Shop

I love shopping around for bits and pieces of stationery and always seem to find cute and pretty things! I will list some of my findings in my new shop and make it available to others, worldwide, for other stationary addicts like me.

Eventually, I also want to be selling my designs as planner dashboards, cards and maybe even paper clips! I have plenty of ideas but getting it out there seems to be a slow process for me. Too many things I want to do, not enough time!!

Planner Things Shop

I have a couple of online stores in mind I've been wanting to have. One - a retail stationery shop and the second (and the main business I want to own) is a digital download store for my drawings, illustrations and other art work for graphics, backgrounds and printables.

Due to demands of certain stationery I've shown in my Instagram, I decided to go with my retail store idea first. I have a space on Etsy but I prefer to have a stand alone shop, so I've gone with Big Cartel. My stationery, planner supplies store is!

Update: Planner Things is no longer in operation. I'm now concentrating on my sticker shop, Popmix Stickers at

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cake Doodles Illustrations

A cute cake shop contacted me a few weeks ago on Instagram asking me if I wanted to provide them with an artwork featuring one or more of their cakes. It seems that a lot of other artists have contributed to their Instagram, so they now have a gallery full of different cake paintings, drawings and illustrations from various artists. I thought I'd give it a whirl to get a bit of exposure.

Kawaii Cake Illustration

This is what I came up with. I did the line drawing, scanned the art work then decided to "paint" it with a photo editor using some watercolor effects. Less time and less mess this way! Also, I think the digital paint looks a bit more professional for this kind of illustration. Overall, I love how it turned out!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Super Hero Bag and Stationery

Ever since I received a pair of Wonder Woman scissors as a kid, I've been attracted to super heroes and comic book elements. So, when I saw a fellow planner addict from Planner Addicts Austalia showing us a great buy from Kmart, which is this super heroes bag, I just thought that had to have one!! It's a perfect "planner" bag! Lots of room with pockets and it's light weight and easy to carry around. Major geek bag!!

Super Heroes Stationary Bag

While taking a photo of the bag, I thought it was a fab idea to include some other super heroes stationery I have - notepad and calendar from Typo, as well as a very old non-working Nokia mobile phone I used in early the 2000's, which had a DC Justice League super heroes case.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Christopher Vine Designs

In early 2000's, Christopher Vine created some beautiful stationery, including greeting cards and notebooks. I managed to grab a couple before they disappeared off the shelves, even though I wished I got more of what he came up with! I posted this greeting card the other day on Instagram and the designer himself posted a comment full of hearts!! Fangirl moment!!

This photo I uploaded on my Instagram awhile ago, features another Christopher Vine design - the lipstick notebook!! Back in the day, he also had a lot of cupcake designs, which was one of those things that I kept meaning to buy but never did! I always thought it was going to be there for a really long time, but of course, these type of things are fleeting. These days, I think the designer has moved on to designing housewares.

Christopher Vine Glam Card

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Stationery Shopping Spree at Aldi

A lot of stores in Australia this week decided to sell lovely stationery at bargain prices - mostly for Mother's Day! But really, it's for stationary lovers!!

Shop worth checking out include Aldi, the Reject Shop and Bargain City. This is my haul from Aldi when I went on shopping spree yesterday!! So many pretty things!

Items I got were floral pens, lots of sticky notes, nice notebooks and journals, notepads and paper clips. Would have loved to have seen washi tapes and stickers. Maybe next time!