Friday, May 8, 2015

Christopher Vine Designs

In early 2000's, Christopher Vine created some beautiful stationery, including greeting cards and notebooks. I managed to grab a couple before they disappeared off the shelves, even though I wished I got more of what he came up with! I posted this greeting card the other day on Instagram and the designer himself posted a comment full of hearts!! Fangirl moment!!

This photo I uploaded on my Instagram awhile ago, features another Christopher Vine design - the lipstick notebook!! Back in the day, he also had a lot of cupcake designs, which was one of those things that I kept meaning to buy but never did! I always thought it was going to be there for a really long time, but of course, these type of things are fleeting. These days, I think the designer has moved on to designing housewares.

Christopher Vine Glam Card

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