Monday, May 25, 2015

Planner Things Stationery Shop

I love shopping around for bits and pieces of stationery and always seem to find cute and pretty things! I will list some of my findings in my new shop and make it available to others, worldwide, for other stationary addicts like me.

Eventually, I also want to be selling my designs as planner dashboards, cards and maybe even paper clips! I have plenty of ideas but getting it out there seems to be a slow process for me. Too many things I want to do, not enough time!!

Planner Things Shop

I have a couple of online stores in mind I've been wanting to have. One - a retail stationery shop and the second (and the main business I want to own) is a digital download store for my drawings, illustrations and other art work for graphics, backgrounds and printables.

Due to demands of certain stationery I've shown in my Instagram, I decided to go with my retail store idea first. I have a space on Etsy but I prefer to have a stand alone shop, so I've gone with Big Cartel. My stationery, planner supplies store is!

Update: Planner Things is no longer in operation. I'm now concentrating on my sticker shop, Popmix Stickers at

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