Sunday, May 10, 2015

Super Hero Bag and Stationery

Ever since I received a pair of Wonder Woman scissors as a kid, I've been attracted to super heroes and comic book elements. So, when I saw a fellow planner addict from Planner Addicts Austalia showing us a great buy from Kmart, which is this super heroes bag, I just thought that had to have one!! It's a perfect "planner" bag! Lots of room with pockets and it's light weight and easy to carry around. Major geek bag!!

Super Heroes Stationary Bag

While taking a photo of the bag, I thought it was a fab idea to include some other super heroes stationery I have - notepad and calendar from Typo, as well as a very old non-working Nokia mobile phone I used in early the 2000's, which had a DC Justice League super heroes case.

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