Saturday, July 25, 2015

Planner Things Sticky Notes

Planner Things Shop Update!

I added various cute sticky notes for sale in the shop - There's a travel tags set with colored pencils, suitcase, camera, airmail envelope, glasses, paris notes and more. There's also arrows and pointy finger sticky notes in various colors, Kikki K mountains sticky notes set, speech bubble & flags tags and stickies, die cut tags of glasses and moustache. Available until stock is sold out (limited supply).

Update: Planner Things is closed. My shop now is

Planner Things Sticky Notes

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Reset Girl Shop Stickers

There are so many sticker sellers out there now that specialize in "planner" stickers, but a lot of them are starting to look very similar to one another. This is where the Reset Girl stickers differ from the majority! She does sell other types that a lot of homemade sticker makers also produce, but these Plan It Like It's Hot stickers are quite unique!

The Reset Girl Stickers

I ordered a few to try it out and it's very good quality! Hopefully it will last me a few months, because ordering from The Reset Girl Shop is like pot luck! You have to get in the right moment to order - she seems to open briefly and closes not long after, to process the thousands of orders she gets when she is open for business! The wait for orders may also take some time - I was one of the fortunate ones that received mine after only a couple of weeks!

The Reset Girl Planner Dashboard

This awesome quote card is absolutely perfect for planner girls! It came as a freebie with my order. Love this!!

The Reset Girl Shop can be accessed via the website

Update: These stickers are no longer available.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kikki K Collector Pens and Planner Stickers

New stock in my little planner stationery shop! Some Kikki K collector pens and more planner stickers (mini sticker books)! Just making these available for people outside Australia or even within, who don't have access to these cute things in their shops. Very limited supply! These are items that are no longer in season. Only few Kikki K stores have these available. First come, first served. My shop:!

Update: Planner Things is now closed. My sticker shop is

Planner Things Stationary

Monday, July 13, 2015

Papered Kiss Planner Stickers

There now seems to be hundreds of people selling planner stickers on Etsy - a lot of them are looking the same, so I think they get their graphics from the same graphic stock place! A new shop called Paradise Paperie opened up recently and I couldn't help but buy some of their stickers - available in glossy or matt. The designs of the stickers I ordered from them are different from the other icon stickers I've seen being sold - these are fun looking and totally my style! Paradise Paperie shop is

Papered Kiss Planner Stickers

Update: The two ladies who created Paradise Paperie have gone their separate ways and each formed their own sticker shop - (not active anymore) and

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Instagram Stationery Giveaway

Last week I ran a Cute Stationery Giveaway on Instagram for my followers - I meant to do this weeks ago when I hit 5,000 followers, but I'm a bit of a procrastinator, what can I say. >◡< Anyway, I've announced the winner and @justcallmepersephone won my Giveaway. She's been following me for awhile now! Ever since I opened my account late last year.

Stationary Planner Instagram Giveaway

The prize consists of a lot of Kikki K pens, which I get from David Jones, Brisbane. They have a Kikki K section there and for some reason, they stock a lot of Kikki K pens that's not being sold in the Kikki K online store anymore. Also, I included a set of scented cupcake erasers from Smiggle & even though it wasn't mentioned, macaroons erasers that I've got in my stash box. Plus, leopard print washi tapes in various colours, cute stickers, sticky page flags from Daiso, Target Australia chunky pens & pencil case and a lot of other cute things! I went a bit overboard with the cuteness in this Giveaway! O_o

Stationary Planner Instagram Giveaway

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Art Slide Show

I updated my art slideshow video - the original was created a couple of years ago now. It's just pictures of my paintings when I did abstract and interior design art for other people. I don't consider these master pieces - they're mostly a bit of fun wall decor to add color to blank walls or spaces. And this is just a more interesting way to display them!