Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Reset Girl Shop Stickers

There are so many sticker sellers out there now that specialize in "planner" stickers, but a lot of them are starting to look very similar to one another. This is where the Reset Girl stickers differ from the majority! She does sell other types that a lot of homemade sticker makers also produce, but these Plan It Like It's Hot stickers are quite unique!

The Reset Girl Stickers

I ordered a few to try it out and it's very good quality! Hopefully it will last me a few months, because ordering from The Reset Girl Shop is like pot luck! You have to get in the right moment to order - she seems to open briefly and closes not long after, to process the thousands of orders she gets when she is open for business! The wait for orders may also take some time - I was one of the fortunate ones that received mine after only a couple of weeks!

The Reset Girl Planner Dashboard

This awesome quote card is absolutely perfect for planner girls! It came as a freebie with my order. Love this!!

The Reset Girl Shop can be accessed via the website

Update: These stickers are no longer available.

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