Monday, September 28, 2015

Fruity Stationery from Kikki K and Typo

I've been an avid stationery collector of Kikki K and Typo products for quite some time now and some of their latest collection to date have been the cutest and best I've seen yet! I'm talking about their adorable fruit and sweets collection!

Kikki K Typo Stationary

The watermelon & pineapple chunky pens were purchased from Typo Shop a few months ago - some stores may still have them but generally, they come up with new designs every few months. That's the same for Kikki K - their latest range are their fruit and ice cream designs, which are still available in their Kikki K store.

Highly recommended are the current Kikki K "vision board" kit, which comes with these inspiring quotes and their very cute four pack washi tapes. Their pen selection right now is also a must have, especially for pen addicts (like me)!

They will most likely have their fruity range until the end of 2015, but once they move on to other designs, this collection will only be available until sold out!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Brisbane Planner Meet Up

Went to another Planner Addicts Australia meet up in Brisbane City last night - Friday night. It was another success! Did the usual thing of shopping for stationery first, then dinner at Jo-Jo's. It was great to meet up with the other planner addicts again - always good to see the faces behind the names I see in the Facebook Group we all hang out at, which is Planner Addicts Australia!

This is a shot of our planner stack for the night - a couple of ladies brought their horizontal Erin Condren planners with them, so I got to check it out. Very nice! Better than what I expected. So many other planners here that were just gorgeous! Like the Kikki K fuchsia and the fluoro pink Filofax. Love!!

Brisbane Planner Meet Up

It felt like it was everyone's birthday because the bag of goodies we all got were bursting with stuff! The Raffle Prizes were awesome, too. I didn't win anything, but felt like I did because of the amount of things I got.

Brisbane Planner Meet Up Goodies

So many cute things, including some items from My Paper Shoppe - the owner was there last night and it was good to finally meet her! Donations of stickers from Sweetique Stickers, Lime and Mortar and Girl with Curls Designs (shop may be coming soon). Also got a pen from Pen Gems! Some Kikki K pens to add to my collection and my donation to the gift bag was the tassel paper clip and some stickers. Overall, great night out! Good company, food was fine and lots of new lovely things!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Pen Collection

I'm a sucker for pretty pens and have become a bit of a "pen addict" during the past year! I've received quite a bit of Target USA pens, but majority in my collection are Kikki K. My collecting began towards the end of last year when I started going to the Kikki K store close to where I live quite regularly. It's walking distance, so I often dropped by!

Like most designs, the Kikki K range changes from season to season, so only the latest ones are available to purchase in their store. To get hold of the previous designs, you'll have to look from other sources, like eBay or Facebook Planner Groups. I managed to find rare pens from years ago, which included their Under the Sea mermaid pen... gold!!

Others I'm keen on are the Target USA dollar spot pens, as well as the mechanical pencils. I've bought a few from Etsy and some were given to me by my cousin in the states, but most have been through stationery swaps.

Pen Collection

So far, here are my pen collections in various photos.

Update: I have received more Target USA pens and pencils from a recent swap and have also purchased more pens from Kikki K and other stores. More photos added! :)
Kikki K Gel Pens Kikki K Pens Kikki K Pens Target USA Pencils Cute Kikki K Pens Pen Collection Purple Frixion Patterned Pens Orange Pens Inkjoy Pens Kikki K Pens Kikki K Pens Kikki K Pens Kikki K Pens Floral Pens

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Planner Photos in Buzzfeed

Planners in BuzzfeedThe Planner Community is creating a bit of a buzz! Several pretty planner photos from Instagram, including a couple of my mine, were featured in a Buzzfeed article called 18 Planners That Would Make You Want To Get Your Shit Together. As that stupid saying goes... awesome sauce!

Some people wonder how others can spend so much time decorating planners... All I can say to that is - if you have time to watch TV shows, Netflix, YouTube or play video games, then you have time to pretty up a planner!

Here's my reasons why I like to scrap plan:

1. It helps motivate me to use my planner regularly.

2. It's another creative outlet for me. This is like designing magazine layouts, except I can go nuts with it and put whatever I like to decorate it and do it whenever I want.

3. It's quite therapeutic and relaxing. Basically, it's another form of "me" time.

4. My planner is also a "memory keeper". This is something I keep so I can look through it fondly years from now. Therefore, I prefer this to look more attractive and interesting other than just walls of text.

5. I love it!