Monday, September 28, 2015

Fruity Stationery from Kikki K and Typo

I've been an avid stationery collector of Kikki K and Typo products for quite some time now and some of their latest collection to date have been the cutest and best I've seen yet! I'm talking about their adorable fruit and sweets collection!

Kikki K Typo Stationary

The watermelon & pineapple chunky pens were purchased from Typo Shop a few months ago - some stores may still have them but generally, they come up with new designs every few months. That's the same for Kikki K - their latest range are their fruit and ice cream designs, which are still available in their Kikki K store.

Highly recommended are the current Kikki K "vision board" kit, which comes with these inspiring quotes and their very cute four pack washi tapes. Their pen selection right now is also a must have, especially for pen addicts (like me)!

They will most likely have their fruity range until the end of 2015, but once they move on to other designs, this collection will only be available until sold out!

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