Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Planner Photos in Buzzfeed

Planners in BuzzfeedThe Planner Community is creating a bit of a buzz! Several pretty planner photos from Instagram, including a couple of my mine, were featured in a Buzzfeed article called 18 Planners That Would Make You Want To Get Your Shit Together. As that stupid saying goes... awesome sauce!

Some people wonder how others can spend so much time decorating planners... All I can say to that is - if you have time to watch TV shows, Netflix, YouTube or play video games, then you have time to pretty up a planner!

Here's my reasons why I like to scrap plan:

1. It helps motivate me to use my planner regularly.

2. It's another creative outlet for me. This is like designing magazine layouts, except I can go nuts with it and put whatever I like to decorate it and do it whenever I want.

3. It's quite therapeutic and relaxing. Basically, it's another form of "me" time.

4. My planner is also a "memory keeper". This is something I keep so I can look through it fondly years from now. Therefore, I prefer this to look more attractive and interesting other than just walls of text.

5. I love it!

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