Monday, September 7, 2015

Pen Collection

I'm a sucker for pretty pens and have become a bit of a "pen addict" during the past year! I've received quite a bit of Target USA pens, but majority in my collection are Kikki K. My collecting began towards the end of last year when I started going to the Kikki K store close to where I live quite regularly. It's walking distance, so I often dropped by!

Like most designs, the Kikki K range changes from season to season, so only the latest ones are available to purchase in their store. To get hold of the previous designs, you'll have to look from other sources, like eBay or Facebook Planner Groups. I managed to find rare pens from years ago, which included their Under the Sea mermaid pen... gold!!

Others I'm keen on are the Target USA dollar spot pens, as well as the mechanical pencils. I've bought a few from Etsy and some were given to me by my cousin in the states, but most have been through stationery swaps.

Pen Collection

So far, here are my pen collections in various photos.

Update: I have received more Target USA pens and pencils from a recent swap and have also purchased more pens from Kikki K and other stores. More photos added! :)
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