Sunday, October 18, 2015

Creative Desk Organization

When it comes to my creative space, as much as possible, I like to have everything on sight, on my desk! This includes my washi tapes, sticky notes, pens, stickers and other little tidbits that get regularly use when I "plan", craft or brain storm. The stacks and piles of these things make for good decorative pieces.

Creative Desk Organization

Containers I store my supplies and stationery in are usually from cheapie bargain stores like the Reject Shop or Daiso. I also love using jam jars to hold my pens, biscuit tins with nice prints for bits and pieces, and patterned gift boxes for sticky notes and memo pads. They're all great to look at while being functional at the same time!

Desk Storage Ideas

Below is the container I buy for $2 at the Reject Shop to hold my washi collection. I buy them as my collection grows. Usually, every couple of months I pick a couple at a time to use. I like how they're just flat on all sides. They stack well and surprisingly, they don't show signs of collapsing!

Washi Storage Container

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Planner Girl Cover

Discovered the gorgeous covers and dashboards by Elite Planners Club via Instagram and just had to buy the purple haired planner girl! It goes very well with the Happy Planner I'm currently using. So in love with this cover!!

Elite Planners Club Cover