Friday, December 18, 2015

Popmix Designs Etsy Shop

I would've loved to have re-opened my Etsy Shop with a big bang, but instead, it's more like a trickle of product listings here and there. In any case, it's now open and I have some pretty and cute stickers available to buy! I've also listed the Weekly Undated Planner inserts I've been using in my Carpe Diem planners.

So that's the latest news here... You can now buy stuff at! :D

Update: Sticker shop is now

Popmix Planner Stickers

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Art on Stickers

The problem with being able to do a lot of creative things and wanting to do them all - graphic design, painting, drawing, etc., is that I end up not completing anything! I start on this project and it's great but then another idea comes up using a different medium and I start working on that... and so on and so forth! This has been a major issue for me this year. Not being able to focus on one project. One of my sisters think I need a manager, but I'm just on my own right now! I have to do everything, including reminding myself to stay focused and stay on one path. It's not so easy when my head is bursting with creative ideas and I want them all to happen!

So, after messing around with different things for most of 2015, like making and selling some planner inserts, selling washi samples and selling bits of stationery here and there, I've decided to focus on one thing - and that's turning my art & illustrations into stickers! Everything else will be on hold until I've got a good system happening with my sticker production - this includes my Planner Things shop. I have plans for this but right now, I've got to stick to just one thing. Because I'm really not good with managing everything at once! Best to keep it simple as possible.

Creating Stickers with Silhouette Portrait

I'm currently in the process of turning some of my existing art into stickers and designing new ones - I wanted to re-open my Etsy store on the 1st of this month of December, but I need more time to polish them all up. So the 12th of December is when I'll re-open, selling stickers!

There are now gazillions of people producing planner stickers on Etsy, but I'm sure there's room for another! Especially, since the planner community appears to be growing at a rapid rate. I've come up with something that will make my sticker sheets different from most and hopefully, it will be recognizable as something created by me. So far, I haven't seen anyone else with what I'm talking about. Maybe it's already out there but I just haven't come across it.

Anyway, for the first week or so of the shop opening, I will include a free sticker sheet for each person who orders. It's a compilation of some of my cute and pretty watercolour paintings (the one you see on the picture above). This is a regular sheet, not a sampler. The standard for my sticker sheets will be 17cm x 12.5cm. Also, FREE SHIPPING for orders $25 or above! I'm hoping to get at least 20 new designs completed when the shop re-opens!

I'm very excited about this because some of my sticker ideas made me laugh! It's mostly fun and stuff that I would use on my planners and things. So here's to a great end of 2015 and a fruitful start to my 2016!!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Crazy Kikki K Pen Collection

So this is my Kikki K pen collection (for now). I seem to be missing a couple of pens, which I probably gave away or sold by accident! Those pens will be missed... :(

My Collection of Kikki K Pens

But there's really no reason to cry about it, because look! How pen obsessed am I to have accumulated so many of these Kikki K pens?! There's no doubt there are others with a whole lot more - especially Kristina, the owner of Kikki K! I'm sure she's got the whole pen collection since they opened in 2001!

I'm still searching for older designs from 2012 - particularly the Hello Sunshine range. I already contacted Kikki K if they could help me out but they just don't keep their old stock. And I don't think they have any plans on bringing back any old collection to resell today.

A couple of my fellow planner girs from Planner Addicts Australia Facebook group recently sent me some discontinued Kikki K pens to add to my collection. How awesome are those girls!? If you have any Kikki K pens you don't see here that you would like to sell or swap or give, please contact me and let me know! I regularly check Instagram, so send me a message there if you're there, otherwise, contact me here using the contact form!