Thursday, December 1, 2016

Popmix Shop

My stand alone shop is now open! Cute kawaii doodle stickers for planners is what's on sale over there at the moment. Later on... printable coloring pages, printable stickers for Erin Condren & Happy Planners, digital papers, graphics and whatever other creative things I want to sell.

Popmix Designs

Sticker paper I now use are just matte, no more glossy. Have pre-printed the sticker sheets, so it's ready to ship. Buy stickers at (now

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Popmix Moving Out of Etsy

Popmix Designs | Popmix Studio

I'm finally going to move my sticker shop out of Etsy to make it a stand alone sticker and stationery store. I'll be mixing everything I want to sell in this shop, including printables and other downloadable graphics.

Meanwhile, right until the end of October, my shop will still be in Etsy with a 15% Discount for orders of $5 or more.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Planner Boss Collective

A few lady bosses in the Instagram and Facebook Planner Community, have joined forces to organise a massive sale this coming weekend! September 23rd to 25th. This event is called Planner Boss Collective and it's basically 100 planner related stores online offering discounts using the same code, which people can use to save up , buy and stock up on planner goodies for this one weekend only! More details can be found at:

Planner Boss Collective

Aussie Shops Planner Boss Collective

A few Aussie Planner Shops are participating in this mega sale event, including mine. Popmix Designs! Here's the list of shops from Australia that are offering 15% to 35% off during the sale:

Planner Boss Collective

Image compiled by Nicola Black from Blackbird Print Co.

Social Media

To find out all the awesome shops taking part in this, visit their website and also Like and Follow the Planner Boss Collective at:

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Brisbane Planner Markets

Well, it finally happened! The first ever Brisbane Planner Markets was held today, Sunday the 28th of August at Samford Community Centre and it turned out to be a success!

The doors opened at 9am and apparently, there were already over a hundred people lined up even before the stall holders started setting up! The first 100 people received goodie bags full of stickers, planner supplies, stationery, vouchers and coupons - no wonder so many were eager to get in early!

Brisbane Planner Markets

This photo was taken by Bianca from Washi Tape Australia - the organiser of the event. More photos of the market at the official Brisbane Planner Markets Facebook page:

By the time I got to the markets, it was past 11:30am - which was a great time because it definitely wasn't as crowded anymore, and I was able to stroll around to get a proper look at the things for sale. Plus, I got to meet and chat with some of the store owners a little bit! It was nice to meet some of the Etsy sellers I've purchased from before and have interacted with on Instagram and Facebook.

Of course, I ended up buying a lot of stuff! This was pretty much my Birthday present, so I didn't hold back too much. Below is what I splurged on - Mulberry Pop Planner (absolutely high quality, one of the best planners ever), stickers from various Etsy shops, washi tapes, planner accessories, notebooks and bits and pieces to beautify my planners.

Brisbane Planner Market Haul

Shops I purchased from besides Mulberry Pop included Linserts & Teddi Confetti, Wonderfully Women, Maverick and Rogers, Bee's Sticker Addict, Fox & Cactus, Cynamin Designs, Blackbird Print Co, Miss Adaline, Flutterby Planners, Craftmum80 and Washi Tape Australia. I wish I could've bought more - something from each shop that were there, but I already spent well above my budget!  Next time, definitely, no limit expense! :D

Overall, I had a great time and was so glad I ended up going!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Aussie Planner Sticker Shops

Thanks to the portable cutting machines like the Silhouette Cameo or Portrait, there are now an abundance of Etsy sticker shops that are based here in Australia. Definitely much more than this time last year, and this includes my own sticker shop!

Popmix Stickers

Shop at:
My shop, based in Brisbane, Queensland. Selling kawaii doodle stickers, novelty numbers, script words, quotes and other planner stickers like note boxes and blank labels.
Update: My shop name has changed from "Designs" to Stickers.

Popmix Stickers

Here's a list of Aussie Sticker Shops that I've bought from and recommend:

Closet Planner Addict

Shop at:
Wide variety of designs. Mixed sticker sheets.

Closet Planner Addict Stickers

Fox and Cactus

Shop at:
Cute and fun planner stickers.
Update: Now specializing in kawaii character girls.

Fox and Cactus Stickers

Lime and Mortar

Shop at
A wide variety of stickers for planners.

Lime and Mortar Stickers

 The Rabbit Tribe

Shop at
Weekly sticker sets, functional and decorative planner stickers.

The Rabbit Tribe

Stickers by Lizzie

Shop at
Planner sticker sets and decorative stickers.

Stickers by Lizzie

Cynamin Designs

Shop at
Planner stickers and now planners, too!

Cynamin Designs

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gorgeous Planner Society Kit

I received last month's Planner Society Kit and so far, this is my fav! Absolutely gorgeous kit full of stickers, planner decorations, printed papers, paperclips and more!

Plus, how beautiful is the pen and washi tapes?! And we also got a mini planner style sticker holder.

Planner Society Kit

Planner Society Kit

Planner Society Kit

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Target USA Cup

This Target USA pen holder cup has become a bit of a "thing" in the Planner Community and I didn't think I'd ever get one because we just don't have them here in Australia! I ended up drawing a version of this for one of my Popmix sticker sheets and posted it on Instagram, just because people seem to like this so much. One of my American followers, Vera from @vhldesigns contacted me and said that if she came across one of these that she'll send it over. Well, a month or so later, I now have one! Plus, she also picked up a few extra things for me that's not available here. This wasn't free, of course! Cost quite a bit - mostly the shipping! But man, how awesome is this haul!?

Target USA Stationery

Things I received: the Target cup, Inkjoy Pens, 3 large washi tapes set from Michael's, some new Target pens, paper clips and some razzle dazzle charms for planners.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Planner Society Kit

I started my subscription to the Planner Society back in October, 2015. At the time, I didn't realize that there was a waiting list. I subscribed first week of August hoping to get the September kit with the pink flamingos and yellow florals, but it was all sold out! This planner kit is probably the most popular out of the planner subscription kits out there and even though it's a bit costly, it's the only one I get. Because I'm in Australia, it cost around $50 to $55 AUD a month for this (including shipping cost). It's really the postage that boosts the price, but so far, every month has been worth it.

The Planner Society kit

The kit is usually jam packed with pretty stationery, exclusive only to The Planner Society. It includes planner stickers, puffy stickers, sticky notes or list pads, see-through stamps, quote cards, embellishments, charms, pretty papers, a pen and specialty items like a pencil case or notebook. Every month, the kit seems to get better and better. To be honest, I don't use everything in it! I don't do stamping and I'm not really into scrapbooking, so I tend not to use the cut out embellishments. I sell these just to get some of my money back..

I consider this a luxury item, because for planning, you don't need all this stuff! All you need is a planner (or notebook) and a pen. That's it. Extra bits and pieces just make it more fun, creative and enjoyable to plan.

Monthly Planner Society Kit

These are the kits I've from The Planner Society. Planner not included - I just like to take photos of the things next to my planners! :)

Update March 2017: these are all the planner kits I received. Because I have so many things now, I've stopped the subscription! It's been great, but I have more than enough planner supplies and decoration I know what to do with. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New Erin Condren Planners 2016

New release customizable Life Planners and accessories are now available at the Erin Condren online store! If this is your first time ordering, you can get $10 off your order by using my referral link:

Click Here to Get $10 Off Your First Erin Condren Order

You will have to check your email after you register and get the code from there, to use during checkout! Here's the official Erin Condren video featuring their new stuff.

I usually wait until the end of the year to get my weekly planner for next year, but I wanted a horizontal planner for this coming financial year of 2016 to 2017, which starts July. So, I went ahead and joined the massive crowd and ordered on the 1st of June launch. Like a lot of other crazed Aussie EC fans, I stayed up late so I could order during the first hour of launch (midnight in Australia), but it didn't work out that way due to so many others doing the same - we broke the EC website! Haha. I ended up going to sleep without having ordered anything because their website kept crashing.

Despite the problems, I did manage to order on the first day, even though it was halfway through the day. Hopefully, I still get my planners and things by the end of this month, even though there were probably thousands and thousands of other planner girls who would've ordered before I was able to.  I think this is probably the most I've spent in one go at the Erin Condren shop - a couple of planners, stickers, sticky note dashboard and those new removable mini storage pockets. #excited {insert happy emoji here}.

Monday, May 23, 2016

New Planners for June 2016

Erin Condren Planners

June is also the month where Erin Condren releases her latest life planners. This year, there is a "Luxe" cover available for the first time - which is a luxurious leather-like cover that's permanently attached to the heavy duty spiral coil. It's available in 3 colours - teal, purple and stone grey. It also features a metallic quote which says "create motivate inspire". Visit the update about the Luxe planners on the Erin Condren blog.

The new planners will have options for the spiral coil. People will be able to choose between the regular platinum silver coil, gold, rose gold or black.

Whether it's vertical, horizontal or hourly, we now have the choice between pastel colours or monochrome.

A whole lot of great looking designs will be released for the new look Erin Condren planners! For a sneak peak of their planners coming out on June 1, visit the Erin Condren website. Photo below is from their blog.

Erin Condren Planners

The Happy Planner

Me & My Big Ideas recently came up with a wide range of planners, which includes A5 size planners for students, jumbo size planners and Teacher's Planners, as well as more variety for their regular size planners. After constantly looking at all their new designs, I finally decided which one to get and made the order! I'll be blogging about it here once I receive it! I also purchased a couple of packs of their washi tapes and stickers. To have a look at all the gorgeous things they now have, visit the Me & My Big Ideas online shop!

To get an inside look of their planners, watch one of my fav YouTube planner girls, Belinda Selene reviewing the latest MAMBI planners and accessories.

B6 Flutter Planners

B6 Planner

For those who've been dreaming of a planner that's in between a personal size and A5 planner, there is now a B6 planner available at The colour choices for these planners are pink, blue and shimmery purple! For more information and to look at the size details of this B6 planner, take a look at Charlotte's video below.

This is a well made, good quality planner, with a faux leather cover. The stitchings, pockets and gold rings are well done, and this appears to be quite resilient - it's not easily dented or marked and one of the nice things about this is that it's light weight! It fits in my satchel bag perfectly and doesn't weigh it down - which is awesome because I tend to pack my bag with a lot of other things! Nobody wants to be carrying a heavy bag all over the place!

B6 Planner Pockets

This B6 planner include lots of pockets and storage to put all kinds of things in from business cards to sticky notes, paperclips and other bits and pieces you would normally use to plan. Overall, this is a good size, good quality personal planner.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mother's Day Stationery at Aldi

Aldi's done it again! Mother's Day stationery sale! Gorgeous designs on sticky notes, notebooks and pens. I tried not to go overboard spending on more stuff I probably won't even use! >◡<

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Rabbit and the Duck Creative Team

A few days ago I announced on Instagram that I became part of the Rabbit and the Duck's Creative Team - it's a planner supplies store in Australia, and once a month I'll be sent a package with my choice of stationery from the shop! Of course, I will  have to feature these on Instagram during the month!

Well, the first pack has come and it's washi tapes and cute stickers for my planners! Love!

Rabbit and the Duck Washi Gang

Update: More great stuff!!!

Washi Gang

Update: Rabbit and the Duck is now Washi Gang.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Triple Stationery Giveaway

My Instagram account @catherina.amor has been buzzing with activity the past month... probably because I've been doing some Giveaways over there! >◡<

I've had 3 in a row just to say thanks to my Instagram followers. I've been meaning to do something like this for awhile, so now is as good a time as any. Being the stationery shopaholic that I am, I've accumulated quite a bit of stuff and this is what's been up for grabs. These Giveaways @catherina.amor on Insta.

Instagram Giveaway Planner Community

Instagram Giveaway Planner Community

Instagram Giveaway Planner Community

Friday, February 19, 2016

My Blog is Now in Bloglovin'

Hi everyone who reads my blog! Sometimes I think that nobody really goes here, since I hardly see comments after my posts... but... every now and then, I get a comment (thank you!!) or someone mentions in my Instagram that they read my blog.

This is the Beginning

Anyway, the other day, I received a comment here asking if I was in Bloglovin'. I tried to get listed there awhile ago, but I kept getting errors, so I eventually forgot about it. After being reminded, though, I contacted their support regarding this issue and they kindly added my blog in their directory! So I'm now there, people! Click here to follow me in Bloglovin'... if you're into that kind of thing. I've also got their widget on my sidebar, which links to my page over there.

Bloglovin' is a Blog directory for bloggers, for those who don't know about it. It's like a pinterest of blogs, I suppose. Will keep anyone busy for ages! So now at least, that's another tick off my unwritten list of things to do.

Thanks for reading!! And have a good rest of your day!!

Update: I've transferred this blog from Weebly to Blogger, therefore, any comments I've ever had over there, didn't make it over it. I'm still in Bloglovin' and even though I haven't advertised since, I've built quite a few followers. Thank you!