Friday, February 19, 2016

My Blog is Now in Bloglovin'

Hi everyone who reads my blog! Sometimes I think that nobody really goes here, since I hardly see comments after my posts... but... every now and then, I get a comment (thank you!!) or someone mentions in my Instagram that they read my blog.

This is the Beginning

Anyway, the other day, I received a comment here asking if I was in Bloglovin'. I tried to get listed there awhile ago, but I kept getting errors, so I eventually forgot about it. After being reminded, though, I contacted their support regarding this issue and they kindly added my blog in their directory! So I'm now there, people! Click here to follow me in Bloglovin'... if you're into that kind of thing. I've also got their widget on my sidebar, which links to my page over there.

Bloglovin' is a Blog directory for bloggers, for those who don't know about it. It's like a pinterest of blogs, I suppose. Will keep anyone busy for ages! So now at least, that's another tick off my unwritten list of things to do.

Thanks for reading!! And have a good rest of your day!!

Update: I've transferred this blog from Weebly to Blogger, therefore, any comments I've ever had over there, didn't make it over it. I'm still in Bloglovin' and even though I haven't advertised since, I've built quite a few followers. Thank you!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Planner Society Girl

I finally got the January Planner Society kit, which was sent to me almost a month ago! It's as awesome as the rest of the ones I've received so far! My subscription for this kit started October 2015. I feel like I'm officially a Planner Society girl having received this gorgeous crystal pen that came with the kit! How beautiful is everything that's included in this planner kit! So happy that I took the plunge and subscribed, even though it cost an arm and a leg... well, okay, not that much! But it's still a bit expenso due to the Aussie dollar value being a bit low compared to the US dollar.

Planner Society Kit

I am also expecting the Valentine's Planner Kit & Sticker pack I purchased, which was a one off thing. Soon, I hope!!

Planner Society Kit January 2016

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Planner Selfie

It's the beginning of February and I thought I'd join the Happy Planner Instagram Challenge - first on the list is a planner selfie! Since this month is all about hearts and flowers and love, what better way than to give a bit of self love and take a photo of myself, with one of my fav planners! What crazy things we do in the Planner Community. >◡<

Catherina Amor Berge

I'm in my early 40's now and taking selfies isn't really something I do these days. This is actually a rare occasion. I wanted this pic to look like I'm an 80's chick - I should've matched the heart and wore hot pink lipstick. But anyway, thank goodness for my new foundation...airbrush! Haha. Because really, I didn't want to cover my face with creams and stuff just for a selfie. These days, the only make up I tend to put on is lipstick and maybe a bit of eye makeup every now and then. At least I've now got a photo of what I look like at the start of 2016!

More Happy Planner Photos on my Instagram @catherina.amor