Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Planner Selfie

It's the beginning of February and I thought I'd join the Happy Planner Instagram Challenge - first on the list is a planner selfie! Since this month is all about hearts and flowers and love, what better way than to give a bit of self love and take a photo of myself, with one of my fav planners! What crazy things we do in the Planner Community. >◡<

Catherina Amor Berge

I'm in my early 40's now and taking selfies isn't really something I do these days. This is actually a rare occasion. I wanted this pic to look like I'm an 80's chick - I should've matched the heart and wore hot pink lipstick. But anyway, thank goodness for my new foundation...airbrush! Haha. Because really, I didn't want to cover my face with creams and stuff just for a selfie. These days, the only make up I tend to put on is lipstick and maybe a bit of eye makeup every now and then. At least I've now got a photo of what I look like at the start of 2016!

More Happy Planner Photos on my Instagram @catherina.amor

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