Monday, May 23, 2016

New Planners for June 2016

Erin Condren Planners

June is also the month where Erin Condren releases her latest life planners. This year, there is a "Luxe" cover available for the first time - which is a luxurious leather-like cover that's permanently attached to the heavy duty spiral coil. It's available in 3 colours - teal, purple and stone grey. It also features a metallic quote which says "create motivate inspire". Visit the update about the Luxe planners on the Erin Condren blog.

The new planners will have options for the spiral coil. People will be able to choose between the regular platinum silver coil, gold, rose gold or black.

Whether it's vertical, horizontal or hourly, we now have the choice between pastel colours or monochrome.

A whole lot of great looking designs will be released for the new look Erin Condren planners! For a sneak peak of their planners coming out on June 1, visit the Erin Condren website. Photo below is from their blog.

Erin Condren Planners

The Happy Planner

Me & My Big Ideas recently came up with a wide range of planners, which includes A5 size planners for students, jumbo size planners and Teacher's Planners, as well as more variety for their regular size planners. After constantly looking at all their new designs, I finally decided which one to get and made the order! I'll be blogging about it here once I receive it! I also purchased a couple of packs of their washi tapes and stickers. To have a look at all the gorgeous things they now have, visit the Me & My Big Ideas online shop!

To get an inside look of their planners, watch one of my fav YouTube planner girls, Belinda Selene reviewing the latest MAMBI planners and accessories.

B6 Flutter Planners

B6 Planner

For those who've been dreaming of a planner that's in between a personal size and A5 planner, there is now a B6 planner available at The colour choices for these planners are pink, blue and shimmery purple! For more information and to look at the size details of this B6 planner, take a look at Charlotte's video below.

This is a well made, good quality planner, with a faux leather cover. The stitchings, pockets and gold rings are well done, and this appears to be quite resilient - it's not easily dented or marked and one of the nice things about this is that it's light weight! It fits in my satchel bag perfectly and doesn't weigh it down - which is awesome because I tend to pack my bag with a lot of other things! Nobody wants to be carrying a heavy bag all over the place!

B6 Planner Pockets

This B6 planner include lots of pockets and storage to put all kinds of things in from business cards to sticky notes, paperclips and other bits and pieces you would normally use to plan. Overall, this is a good size, good quality personal planner.