Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Target USA Cup

This Target USA pen holder cup has become a bit of a "thing" in the Planner Community and I didn't think I'd ever get one because we just don't have them here in Australia! I ended up drawing a version of this for one of my Popmix sticker sheets and posted it on Instagram, just because people seem to like this so much. One of my American followers, Vera from @vhldesigns contacted me and said that if she came across one of these that she'll send it over. Well, a month or so later, I now have one! Plus, she also picked up a few extra things for me that's not available here. This wasn't free, of course! Cost quite a bit - mostly the shipping! But man, how awesome is this haul!?

Target USA Stationery

Things I received: the Target cup, Inkjoy Pens, 3 large washi tapes set from Michael's, some new Target pens, paper clips and some razzle dazzle charms for planners.