Monday, January 30, 2017

Washi Collection

Have built up my washi collection... and still using the stackable Reject Shop containers I discovered awhile back. Very durable, have not broken any and it stacks well - leans on the wall quite well and doesn't topple over.

Washi Collection

Most notable washi tapes came from Michael's stores in the U.S.A. Sent to me by a planner friend.

Michael's Washi Tapes

Recollections bundle washi tapes are all the range. So many gorgeous designs!

Recollections Washi Tapes

I usually use these tapes as top and bottom decoration on notebook pages, as well as planners. Also, to help seal envelopes when I send mail. Makes them look pretty!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Planner Girl Boss

I de-stashed a whole heap of planners before the New Year - just to declutter and start fresh! I now only have one A5 binder planner... which is my Kikki K "Why Not". This is what I'll be using for a daily planner - but, I'll see how it goes with this!

Using a Bloomsical clip art set, I designed and printed out my own intro "dashboard" page to pretty up the planner. Plus, a whole lot of stationery and accessories from the Planner Society, including the classy looking pen. This is probably my best set up, yet!

Creative Desk Space Organization
Where to get bargain containers, stationery and other bits and pieces: