Sunday, June 25, 2017

That Famous Target USA Cup Pen Holder

This just in: I now have two of these cute Target USA cup or planter or what I use it as... a pen holder. Thanks to one of my planner buddies over there in America - she was kind enough to get another one for me.

Target USA Pen Holder

Apart from the pen holder, I received more washi tapes, sticker books and pens - from Hobby Lobby this time. Loving these floral and stripes designs! They all go well with my planners.

Hobby Lobby Petals and Bloom

Here's a close up of some of the washi tapes and pens. The floral stripes collection is called Petals & Bloom. The pens are ultra fine gel pens and they're quite nice to use! Overall, I'm just ecstatic to have received all this! #stationeryaddict  >-<

Saturday, June 10, 2017

2017 Music Playlist

Well, I finally created a Playlist of my favorite 2017 songs so far. This will be update as the year progresses.

I've mostly been listening to old stuff (again) like Sade, Simply Red, Def Leppard and 80's Rock, because not a great deal of new songs really appeal to me. Songs in this playlist are good, but would not consider any of them to be "classics" in future.

Artists in the Playlist include Dua Lipa, Haim, Imagine Dragons, The Weeknd, Bruno Mars and others.