Sunday, June 25, 2017

That Famous Target USA Cup Pen Holder

This just in: I now have two of these cute Target USA cup or planter or what I use it as... a pen holder. Thanks to one of my planner buddies over there in America - she was kind enough to get another one for me.

Target USA Pen Holder

Apart from the pen holder, I received more washi tapes, sticker books and pens - from Hobby Lobby this time. Loving these floral and stripes designs! They all go well with my planners.

Hobby Lobby Petals and Bloom

Here's a close up of some of the washi tapes and pens. The floral stripes collection is called Petals & Bloom. The pens are ultra fine gel pens and they're quite nice to use! Overall, I'm just ecstatic to have received all this! #stationeryaddict  >-<

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