Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Planner Society Kit

I started my subscription to the Planner Society back in October, 2015. At the time, I didn't realize that there was a waiting list. I subscribed first week of August hoping to get the September kit with the pink flamingos and yellow florals, but it was all sold out! This planner kit is probably the most popular out of the planner subscription kits out there and even though it's a bit costly, it's the only one I get. Because I'm in Australia, it cost around $50 to $55 AUD a month for this (including shipping cost). It's really the postage that boosts the price, but so far, every month has been worth it.

The Planner Society kit

The kit is usually jam packed with pretty stationery, exclusive only to The Planner Society. It includes planner stickers, puffy stickers, sticky notes or list pads, see-through stamps, quote cards, embellishments, charms, pretty papers, a pen and specialty items like a pencil case or notebook. Every month, the kit seems to get better and better. To be honest, I don't use everything in it! I don't do stamping and I'm not really into scrapbooking, so I tend not to use the cut out embellishments. I sell these just to get some of my money back..

I consider this a luxury item, because for planning, you don't need all this stuff! All you need is a planner (or notebook) and a pen. That's it. Extra bits and pieces just make it more fun, creative and enjoyable to plan.

Monthly Planner Society Kit

These are the kits I've from The Planner Society. Planner not included - I just like to take photos of the things next to my planners! :)

Update March 2017: these are all the planner kits I received. Because I have so many things now, I've stopped the subscription! It's been great, but I have more than enough planner supplies and decoration I know what to do with. 

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