Feb 10, 2012

Retro Modern Art Paintings

Some of my old acrylic paintings. Sold through eBay to offices, cafés and homes for wall art decor. This was the time before Etsy came along and created a marketplace for artists and creative folks. This was also the time I was into browns and beige. Natural earthy tones. Very retro mod and coffee inspired!

Swirl Abstract Paintings
Retro Modern Coffee Pop Art Paintings
Retro Waves Abstract Painting
Jan 5, 2012

Paintings Collection

Collage of some of my art from the archives. During the early 2000's, I sold abstract paintings on eBay. Mostly decorative pieces to add colour to walls and make it a bit more beautiful. Nothing too deep and meaningful. I also did a bit of pop art, folk art, retro and modern geometric designs.

Paintings Collection